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Rating and comments of one of our customers Mr. Wander:


Your House is fantastic! One of the closest you will get to true Thai cooking in So-Cal. Yeah, there are a few Chinese touches on the menu- but it's there because the customers want it. I've traveled to Thailand several times and this is THE place to go for my fix. Sushi is incredible! Yes- believe it. The fish is as fresh as any sushi place in town... Naples, Sushi Saurus in Belmont Shore- but much cheaper! The Thai food is better than any in Long Beach for sure... just check out the chef's at Phuket Thai on 2nd street... they aren't Thai at all! Actually, they are south/Latin American cooks at Phuket Thai! Even the Sushi chef's at Your House come from other sushi restaurants around town, so don't be afraid. The staff is always friendly and with the nice ambience and lush gardens, you really feel at home. Good dishes to try are "Twin Tower" or "King of Kings" Happy hour sushi-rolls or try any Thai dish like Duck Curry, Boat noodle soup, green papaya salad... it's all great! Your house is my second home.

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