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Antique Bronze Collection of Figures, Desk Accessories, Inkwell, Fireplace, Plates, Tiger Scull, Plaques, Vase and Bookends.

Unlike bronze artifacts in a museum environment, many outdoor large scale bronze objects are working entities. Whether they are doors on a public building or a memorial of historic importance, the aesthetic of the object is significant.

Bronze can be a magnificent medium for sculptors & architects. However, the patina (the surface color of the bronze) will deteriorate over time, unless it is maintained.

During the course of sculptural and architectural restoration work, if the original patina has failed entirely, some repagination work is likely to be involved. Although we take pains to keep it to a minimum, sensitive repagination provides a visual cohesion to an object, reinstating its legibility and offering up the full beauty of the object to be able to fulfill its purpose.

We can match as closely as possible traditional through to contemporary patinas, all in situ and in a manner that is safe for our staff  and others sharing our working environment.

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